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Here are photos for many of our Pole Buildings, Custom Homes and Masonry.   
Call us today to build your new Pole Building or new home!
302-349-5550 by Appointment Only.
#2409 This is a 40' x 70' x 12' with a 4/12 roof pitch, 12" overhang/soffits on the eaves only, 40 yr, 29 gauge steel w/ Valspar WeatherX Finish paint process roofing & siding in Tan and Barn Red. There is Bubble insulation under the roofing, (5) 9' x 8' overhead doors with windows @ eye level, (1) 18' x 12' Split Slider and (1) 17' x 12' Single Slider placed on the gable ends. There are (10) 3' x 16' SunSky Lites staggered five on each side of the roofline allowing the interior to appear lighted even on a rainy day saving $ in electric bills! There is also (1) 3/0 9-Lite Entry Door, a 36" Cupula with weathervane. The Amish Tradesmen takes care of everything from A-Z including Site Preparation to prepare for our Masons 40' x 70' smooth finished garage floor. The owner of this awesome Pole Building has everything he needs to organize for his auto & farm shop.
#7611 40' x 60' x 10' with 6/12 roof pitch, 1' overhang/soffits all around, Double Bubble, (6) windows w/ shutters in Burgandy, Glu lam posts, (2) 9-lite walk in doors, wainscoting, cupola, (1) 18 x 8 and (1) 10 x 8 garage doors with Cascade style windows, all site preparation and concrete aprons & patio. Brite white siding and Pewter roof & trims. Plenty of room for all your toys!
#17414 is the ultimate man cave!  50' x 80' x 12' with RV Doors for a pull-through, plenty of room for the recreation area for Big Screen TV, work shop areas.  You name it, you can do it! 
#11512 is a 40' x 48' x 10' Horse Barn with an 11' x 48' Open-Sided Lean To.  It features (2) 12 x 10' Split Sliding doors for the center aisle.  This barn also includes 6/12 attic trusses for adequate hay storage on the second floor.  We prepared the site for the building, and concrete work.  The Amish Tradesmen can provide you with a fully finished Horse Barn with gorgeous T&G Pine stalls, Powder coated grille dividers, smooth sliding doors and many options to make caring for your horse (or Alpacas, Llamas, Goats...) a smooth operation.
#16514 is a 40' x 80' x 14' with a 4' x 6' Open-Sided Entry door cover.  It features (26) customer supplied small windows along the top.  It has 12" overhang/soffits with a 3' overhang featuring decorative brackets over the Carriage style overhead door.  All site preparation and concrete work included.  Let us handle your new pole building project today! 
#7811 40 x 48 x 12 with 4/12 roof pitch, 1' overhang/soffits all sides, (3) 10 x 10 insulated garage doors, (2) windows, (1) Solid door, 36" cupula w/ weathervane & wainscoting. The Amish Tradesmen took care of all site preparation, concrete floor and aprons. Clay siding with Burgandy roof & wainscoting. Referral from brother #4610!
#14913 How do you like this 40' x 60' x 12'?  It features PSI Green posts,(2) 9 x 10 insulated garage doors with Dutch Corners and (2) Lift Master Lifetime warranty openers, (5) windows, (2) 9-lite doors, all the site preparation work to ready for builders and masons.  We even prepared the floor for radiant heat for the customer!  We poured a smooth shop floor and all the apron work as well.  The Amish Tradesmen is a one-stop shop for everything for your pole building.  No need to waste time!
#13313 This very good looking pole building is a 32' x 32' x 10' and features a 6/12 roof pitch, 1' overhang all sides, (1) 18' x 8 insulated garage door with Sunburst window design.  It has wainscoting to accent it and a cupola with weathervane to top it off.  Our crew handled everything for the job:  site work, building, concrete work, garage doors and all! 
#16914  Here we have a 24' x 24' x 10 which features a nice 6/12 residential roof pitch, carriage style doors, cupola with weathervane, (2) windows and 9-lite entry door.  All site preparation, and custom concrete work included! 
#741130 x 50 x 14 with 7/12 attic trusses. 11 x 30 open-sided lean-to. Glu lam posts, double bubble, 2' eaves and 1' gable overhang/soffits, (4) 10 x 10 garage doors with high lift tracks with Stockton window inserts and dutch corners, (1) solid walk in door, gutters & downspouts, wainscoting, Bone White siding with Black roof & trims make for a sharp looking building!
#20715 is a 40' x 80' x 14' with 7/12 Attic Trusses.  This building features all kinds of attractive options available to customize your new pole building. 
 #18515 is a 20' x 24' x 10' with a 10 x 24 lean to sports a nice sized workshop with a shady place to sit and relax. 
#7711 30 x 60 x 10 with 6 x 14 Open-sided Lean to. 8/12 roof pitch with scissor trusses over the garage area. (3) 10 x 8 insulated garage doors with high lift tracks following the scissor truss. (4) windows, gable vents, cupola w/ weathervane, gutters & downspouts and snow guards, all site preparation and concrete work. Brite White w/ Pewter Referral from #6811!
#7011 First Building was built in 2011 is a 30 x 40 x 10.  It has garage doors on the front and rear gables.  We handled everything from site preparation through construction, concrete, garage doors, gutters & downspouts for a turn-key package. The second building below:
#12112 is the second building we built for this customer.  It is a 30 x 48 x 10 with a 6 x 48 open-sided lean to.  the lean-to is completely and nicely finished with vinyl soffit ceiling, vinyl wrapped posts and wrapped header.  The customer chose (2) 10 x 8 insulated garage doors with the Stockton window inserts.  The Amish Tradesmen provides a turn-key building for hassle-free building process.  Give us a call today to handle your new building project.  302-349-5550
#13713  35' x 35' x 12' From building pad site preparation, construction, concrete work, garage doors, electrical to gutters and downspouts...We do it all!  Call us for all the details.
14413 This Run-In Shed is the 3rd building project we have handled for this customer.  The design of this shed is very nice as it has a 6' compartment in the rear with the sliding door for feed and hay storage.  The front is open and can be divided into 3 separate stall areas.  It has treated wood wainscoting to protect the bottom any kickers.  If you would like a nice Run-In Shed like this for your property, please give us a call today!
 #16013 This 36' x 36' x 16' building is everything you'll need for those taller RVs!  Plenty of room!
 #20315  24' x 40' x 10 with a 6/12 roof pitch.  Nice residential building!
 #19915 is a 40' x 40' x 12' with 4/12 roof pitch.  No overhangs on the gables, plain but functional building for the backyard mechanic!
#11712  This photo is a testament from our customer to the fact that it pays to have The Amish Tradesmen handle your project from start to finish including the SITE PREPARATION.  This customer sent us this photo after Hurricane Sandy to say that everywhere there was water, but inside his new pole building not a drop!  Our buildings start with a great foundation starting with the site preparation that is transom set at the proper grade.  This sets the course for the entire building process.  We don't just put dirt down, our site man sets the benchmark for where our builder starts the bottom chord.  The bottom chord placement is set ready for our mason's work for a 4" all starts with the site prep!
#13413 How would you like this all-in-one horse or alpaca barn? 40' x 40' x 10' (4) 14' x 10' Stall Alpaca (or horse) Barn with a 12' x 40' open-sided lean to.  (2) 12' x 10' Split Sliders,
Tack Room, 14' x 16' office with T&G walls, drywall ceiling, electrical throughrout and fully insulated.   Hay Storage Area, all site preparation and concrete work, Beautiful T&G Pine walls and Black Powder Coated grilles with quality stall components...From start to finish we can make your new  horse (or alpaca!) barn a dream come true...
#12612 is a (3) stall horse barn.  It is a 24 x 30 x 10 with a 10 x 30 open-sided lean to on the right eave.  The stalls are 12 x 10's and feature beautiful #2 Southern Yellow Pine Tongue and Groove with black powder coated stall divider grills, feed box opening, and sliding doors.  It has a concrete aisle for keeping the barn sanitary and clean.  There is also a 2' x 30' side lite for natural light on the left eave.  Sliding doors on each gable end for those stormy days and nights!  From site preparation on through to completion, our turn-key package is very affordable.
#12312 is a 30 x 30 x 12.  The Amish Tradesmen handled everything from site preparation on through with construction, concrete, gutters & downspouts, electrical, cupola with weathervane...Turn-Key takes the hassle out of building!
#12512 is a 28' x 30' x 10' with 8/12 Attic Trusses, 1' overhang all sides, (2) 10' x 8' non-insulated garage doors, (3) windows, with shutters.  We handled everything from site preparation to concrete floor and apron.  The customer will re-do the blacktop to meet 2nd garage door at a later date. The colors are Ash Gray siding and Charcoal roofing, corners and garage door openings.
#12212  This and the following photo is of a 30 x 40 x 14.  It features a full attic Gambrel Truss for a 16' x 40' second floor.  We installed the 3/4" T&G subfoor and 3' wide steps with handrail.  It includes (1) 14 x 14 Split Slider and (1) 12 x 12 Overhead door allowing the owner to house and RV and Boat with Tower if desired.  It includes (4) windows, (1) entry door, Cupula with weathervane, 1' overhangs on both the eaves and gables.  We handle the entire job from site preparation through construction, all custom concrete work for a one-stop for all your pole building needs.
#12212 See notes above.
#10712  This building is a 40' x 60' x 10' shop building with attic trusses and a 20' x 40' x 16' garage.  It also has a 6' x 40' open-sided lean to on the front gable.  We also did all the perimeter framing, subfloor and stairs for the 2nd floor, metal ceilings as well as all site preparation and concrete work.
#10712 rear view of 20' x 40' x 16' garage portion.
Perimeter framing and metal ceiling #10712
Stairs to 2nd floor #10712
Attic Trusses, subfloor #10712
#8711 24' X 36' x 14' with 14' X 27' Open-Sided Lean-To. 4/12 roof pitch, 1' eaves, double bubble, (1) 12 x 12 garage door with Marantec M4600e opener, (1) 9-lite door, (2) windows, (1) 2' x 36' sidelite, all site preparation and concrete work.
#8611 24' x 24' x 10' 4/12, 1' eaves, (1) 18 x 8 garage door, (2) windows, site preparation and all concrete work for $12,250!
#8411 30' x 32' x 10' with 4/12 roof pitch, 1' eaves, double bubble, (2) windows, (1) 9-lite entry door, (2) 9 x 8 insulated Carriage Style overhead doors, Liftmaster Lifetime warranty openers, gutters & downspouts. Customer did his own site preparation and concrete work.
We can build subfloors,steps with handrail.
# 7911 After calling on several "contractors" in the area, the homeowner ended up with a 32 x 40 x 10 skeleton of a building sitting in their yard for several months. They called on The Amish Tradesmen to finish their pole building. We came in and finished the framing, steel roofing and siding with wainscoting, and (2) 10 x 8 insulated garage doors with cascade window inserts. The building colors are Tan siding with Barn Red roof, and trims. This job truly made us feel good to be able to give a family a building that they can enjoy and that they deserve."The Amish Tradesmen exceeded our expectations with their knowledge of their craft. We are more than pleased with our Pole Barn and the men who built it were a delight to have at our home." Wayne & Gail Wright
# 7311 30 x 40 x 10 with 4/12 roof pitch, glu laminated posts, double bubble insulation under the roof, (2) 12 x 8 garage doors with dutch corners and LiftMaster Lifetime warranty openers, (1) 9-lite walk in door, (2) windows, gutters & downspouts, site preparation, concrete floor and apron. Tan siding with Brown roof and trims.
#8511 30 x 40 x 10 with 10 x 30 lean-To, 1' overhang eaves, (3) 9x8 garage doors, (1) 9-lite entry door, double bubble insulation, 6/12 roof pitch, all site preparation, concrete floors and aprons.
#7211 20 x 30 x 12 with 4/12 roof pitch, glu lam posts, double bubble insulation, 1' overhang/soffits on eaves only, (3) windows, (1) 14 x 10 garage door, (1) 9-lite walk-in door, concrete floor and apron.
"The work was quickly & quality plus they went above & beyond for obtaining permits & necessary work to complete the building to our specifications" Mr. & Mrs. James Hake
#5610 30 x 50 x 12 with 5/12 roof pitch, 1' overhang/soffits all the way around, (4) 10 x 10 w/plain window inserts at eye level, (1) window, (1) 9-lite, double bubble insulation, glu laminated posts, all site preparation and concrete work for this good looking Brite White and Slate Blue building in Seaford, DE.
" I am very satisfied with my pole building. Am pleased with the colors, workmanship and relationship with workers. Appreciate your help getting permits". S. Eric Cox
# 0208 Pole Building 30' x 40' x 10' "All we can say ~ what a wonderful job the Amish Tradesmen did for us. The job turned out great and I could not ask for better workers. We are telling all our friends and family what a great job the Amish Tradesmen did. What a great company. They do stand on what they say. Did the job and they take pride in their work and make sure it is done right. Thank you again for a great job. P.S. Thanks again did a great job..."
Alex & Linda Griffin
#23515 is a 32' x 42' x 16' with 6/12 roof pitch and tall enough to store your 13' 5" RV's.  Protect your investments inside your own custom pole building by The Amish Tradesmen, LLC!
# 1808 Custom Built 26' x 26' Garage with Carriage Style overhead doors, 3/0 door and (4) windows. 12/12 Attic Trusses to match existing home and 2nd Floor Storage. Poured smooth finish Concrete Floor with 2' apron by the Amish Tradesmen."My overall experience was exceptional. Your tradesmen were always reliable and highly motivated. Their work was excellent. Jamie made the planning and plan changes easy and comfortable". Matthew Favinger
# 3809 We added a nice 10' x 12' Front Porch with 7/12 Roof Pitch, gutters, Pewter Gray 40 year steel roofing over porch & existing home, vinyl railing, foundation, concrete and brick rollock and walkway to give this home a brand new look.
"Thanks Amish Tradesmen. Great job on our new porch and metal roof. Quality work and materials. Very impressed with their attention to details. All this at a reasonable price". We have been so pleased with the job The Amish Tradesmen did on our home. The front porch addition totally changed the look of our home and the new metal roof is outstanding. Plus we have noticed our home is easier to heat and cool." David G. Hobbs.

We use only TOP QUALITY #1 lumber in our construction, making for a much stronger building. We never skimp on the lumber that goes into our buildings!  OUR POSTS RUN ALL THE WAY TO THE ROOF! NOT JUST TO THE HEADER HEIGHT WITH FRAMING LUMBER MAKING UP THE DIFFERENCE...Beware of builders that shortcut on materials just to give you a super low price! #1 Southern Yellow Pine Double headers all the time. Full framing all around the windows and doors with blocking behind them for better support, full length posts on both sides of the walk in doors...We believe in using 3-Ply Glu Laminated posts or "Smart" Posts instead of what most builders use because they won't twist or split like a one-grained treated posts will.  Site Preparation including all the materials you need & Smooth finished 3500 psi 4" Concrete with Fiber Mesh Flooring comes standard, ready for your showroom flooring installation! Quality from start to finish!

# 0608 The most popular size ~ This 30 x 40 x 10 features 40 year warranty Beige Siding with Slate Blue roof and corners, Double Bubble Insulation in the ceiling to prevent condensation, Dutch Corners around the (3) 10 x 8 paneled garage doors. We included LiftMaster Lifetime Warranty openers. There is (1) 3/0 9-Lite entry door and (1) window, 12" Eaves, 4/12 Roof Pitch. The Amish Tradesmen did the Masonry work giving this new Pole Building a standard smooth finished garage floor with aprons for the garage side and 3/0 door. The owners gave it a showroom floor for their classic cars! "We were extremely satisfied with every aspect of having our 3-car garage built by "The Amish Tradesmen". Highly recommend this company for your building needs". Ruth & Curtis

#0408 This 28' x 40' x 10' features Bone White Siding and Pewter Gray Roofing and Wainscoating. It has (7) Double Hung windows, (1) 3/0 Door and Model #5241 Carriage Style Overhead Doors. It has an 8/12 Roof Pitch, Double Bubble Insulation in the Roof. The owner has ample storage up top.

We topped if off with a matching 36" Cupula.

# 0708 The "Perfect Residential Two-Car Garage"

30' x 32' x 10' with a 4/12 Roof Pitch, 12" Eaves, (2) 9' x 8' Insulated, paneled Overhead Doors, Dutch Corners, (1) 3/0 9-Lite Door, (2) windows & matching Cupula. "We did quite a bit of research & got quotes from several companies and decided on The Amish Tradesmen to build our Pole Building. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience with the Tradesmen ~ from working with Jamie, to the carpenters, to the masons. We are totally satisfied with our beautiful building & encourage anyone considering a pole building to go with the Amish Tradesmen".

Blair & Kelley Boyce

# 1008 This 30' x 40' x 10' features a clear 2' x 18' Side Light panel on both gable ends, (1) 14' x 8' Garage Door, (1) 3/0 9-Lite Entry Door, 12" Overhangs on the Eaves, Bubble Insulation in the ceiling, 4/12 Roof Pitch. Colors: Beige & Evergreen.

"The 40 x 30 x 10 Pole Barn was constructed quickly (3 days) and in a professional level manner. Very pleased with the finished product. Everything went well and on schedule as promised" William Magness

The Perfect size for a personal home business!

#0908 This 24' x 24' x 10 features (6) Single Hung windows with screens and grids, and Double 9 Lite steel front doors. It also has a 12" overhang on the eaves, electrical package and smooth concrete floor with a nice 4' apron for a nice finished look. We also provided the Site Preparation. The 40 year, 29 guage steel roofing & siding color combination of Clay and Barn Red looks so nice. The Good Dog Inn

Go to or call 302-947-1745 for cageless Dog Boarding! See how the owner customized the interior of her new building.

#1108 This 40' x 60' x 12' Ag Building features (2) 12' x 12' Split Sliders on each gable end, (2) 3/0 9-Lite entry doors, (2) Single hung windows with screens & grids, Bubble Insulation in the ceiling, 4/12 Roof Pitch and no overhangs. The color choice here is Tan siding and Brown roof & corners. This is the 2nd project we handled for this owner.


#0508 40' x 80' x 12', 4/12 Roof Pitch, 12" overhang on Eaves, 2' x 80' Clear Sky Panel under the Eave, Bubble Insulation under the roofing,(2) 12' x 10' Insulated Garage Doors with windows,

(1) 20 x 12 Split Slider on one Gable End, (1) Solid Steel 3/0 Door, Concrete Garage floor,

2' x 40' Concrete Garage Apron. G-100 with Valspar WeatherX Finish Red Siding with White Trim, White Roof.

#1208 24' x 32' x 10' with 4/12 Roof Pitch, 12" Overhang on the Eaves, (2) 9' x 8' CHIOD Model 2240 Garage Doors with Cascade Windows, (2) Windows, Bubble Insulation in the ceiling,(1) 3/0 9-Lite Door, Gutters & Downspouts, Site Preparation: 3 Trees, Fill and Grade, 24' x 32' Smooth Concrete Floor with 2' x 24' Apron, 4 x 4 Concrete Pad at 3/0 Door, Valspar WeatherX Finish 29 gauge in Ash Gray Siding with Charcoal Roofing. "We are very, very happy with our garage. I have been in construction my whole life and as a retired carpenter I can honestly say that the skill and quality of workmanship is excellent. We were also happy to see that once the job was started you stayed with it until it was completed". The Smith's

#0108 24' x 30' x 10' Pole Building with 4/12 roof pitch, bubble insulation under the roof, (1) 9' x 12' garage door w/ square openings, 9-Lite walk-in door and smooth finished concrete floor all by
The Amish Tradesmen.
"This being the third pole building that we have had built,we both agree that the workmanship, the material, the quality and the people that did the work did a more professional job and went over and above the call of duty. We would refer them to everyone. They are great people and do the best work". ****UPDATE..."The Amish Tradesmen built the most quality building for us that we have ever had done. A year and a half later we had them do an add on for us. We have a very large 30' x 60' building that the quality & perfection is always the main topic." Ray Sr. & Jodi Hutchins
# 4310 Enjoying the country life! This 30' x 40' x 10 with an 8' x 30' open sided lean-to on one gable and another 10' x 30' on the other makes this the perfect outback getaway. It features 4/12 roof pitch, 1' overhang/soffits on the eaves only, (2) 10 x 8 insulated garage doors w/ windows, (1) 3' x 4' window and (2) 9-lite walk-in doors. A cupula w/weathervane tops it off. We gave the customer ample concrete patio under the lean to as well as the garage floor and apron. We installed seamless gutters & downspouts. The customer finished off an exercise room on the rear gable end that they enjoy every day. Lisa & Joe
#8311 Building #2 for Joe & Lisa! Another 30 x 40 x 10 with lean-to to enjoy those special country moments...Carriage doors, wainscoting, cupola w/ weathervane tops it all off. We handled everything from site preparation, construction, concrete floors, garage doors and gutters...Thanks again Lisa & Joe....... Enjoy!

#0308 16' x 20' x 10' Pole Garage with masonry floor also done by The Amish Tradesmen ~ The Perfect Motorcycle Shop!

#2009 30' x 26' x 12' with 4/12 Roof Pitch, 12" Eaves, Bubble Insulation in the ceiling, (2) 10' x 9' Insulated Garage Doors, Smooth Concrete Floor with 3' Apron around to the side Entry Door. (1) 3/0 9-Lite Entry Door, (2) Windows, Gutters & Downspouts. The Amish Tradesmen handled the Site Preparation (in process) and will be doing the stone driveway and final grade.Tan Siding with Earth Brown Roofing.

#2209 Here is a 36' x 56' x 10' Open Pole Building that will be used for a horse run-in. It has a 6/12 Roof Pitch and 12" overhangs all around. The customer requested wood be applied to the top gable that will be stained to match their new home.

#2109 30' x 40' x 10' , 4/12 Roof Pitch, 12" Overhang/Soffits on Eaves, Bubble Insulation under roof, (2) windows, (3) 10' x 8' Garage Doors with Cascade windows and Dutch Corners, (1) 9-Lite entry door, Electrical Package with lights, Site preparation, Concrete Floor and Apron, Gutters, Downspouts, Splash Guards and Leaf Guards. Clay Siding with Brown Roof. Referral from #0608!

"We're very pleased with our pole building. Everyone was friendly and easy to talk to. To anyone contemplating having a pole building we would definitely recommend The Amish Tradesmen to do the job". Robin Bullock

#2309 This 30' x 50' x 10' with 8' x 30' Lean-To will be the perfect woodworking shop! Owners chose Light Stone Siding with Evergreen Wainscoting and Corner Trim. There are (8) 34" x 49" Double Hung windows with screens & grids, (3) 9-Lite Entry Doors, Bubble Insulation under roof, 12" overhang all around, 4/12 Roof Pitch, (1) 10' x 8' insulated garage door with Stockton windows, Dutch corners on garage door opening, a 48" Cupula to match,and Gutters, downspouts and splash guards. Contact Blake Farm Nurseries at 410-463-1717 for all your nursery plants and wonderful perennials! (By appointment)

#2609 This is a 24' x 32' x 8' with 4/12 roof pitch, 12" Overhang/Soffits all the way around, Beige 40 yr siding, Brown 40 yr roofing & trimwork. (1) 9' x 7' Ins. raised panel garage door, (2) 3/0 doors, 9-Lite and customer supplied all glass door on hand, 2' x 32' SunSky panel in Soft White. We handled the site preparation by removing 10 stumps, added select fill and backhoe grade for 24' x 32' smooth concrete floor with a 3' x 17' apron.

#2509 This one is a 24' x 24' x 10' with 4/12 roof pitch, 12" overhang/Soffits on Eaves, (2) 9' x 8' model 2250 with Sherwood windows, Bubble Insulation under the roof, (2) windows, gutters, downspout in Clay, (1) 9-Lite walk in door. Colors are Clay 40 yr siding and Slate Blue 40 yr roofing and trim. We also did the site preparation and smooth finish garage floor with 3' x 24' apron.

$12,700.00 with Options shown as of 5/09.

2709 30' x 32' x 10' is another "Perfect Residential 2 Car Garage". This one features 4/12 roof pitch, 12" overhang/soffits all the way around, Bubble insulation all the way around, (2) 9' x 8' ins. garage doors with Sherwood windows, (2) LiftMaster openers with lifetime warranty, (1) solid walk in door, Electric run inside building, Gutter & Downspout on front only. We took care of the site preparation, garage floor and 8' x 32 garage apron. The owner chose bone White siding with Pewter gray roof, corner trim and garage opening trim. "I was happy with everything from the planning stage to completion. The Amish Tradesmen did a great job." Leon Hamilton

#10212 24' x 24' x 10' with 7/12 4' o/c, Center subfloor and stairs, (1) 12 x 8 #2251 garage door in brown, (1) 9-lite entry door, all site preparation, concrete floor and aprons.


Subfloor through center of 24 x 24 pole building. Not attic truss. For light storage only. #10212

#3009 How's this for racey? 30' x 34' x 12' in a 5/12 roof pitch, 1' overhangs all the way around with (2) 9'x8' and (1) 10' x 10' overhead doors with Cascade window style and Lifetime Warranty Openers. There are two 3/0 entry doors and 3 windows. The customer chose Black siding with Scarlet Red roof and Waincoting. We topped it off with a 36" Cupula and Weathervane. We installed Gutters, Downspouts and Splashguards. The customer worked with our electrician for a customized package to suit his needs. We took care of the Site Preparation and all the concrete work including smooth floor, aprons, walkways and 4 x 4 pad for the rear entry door.



#3109 40' x 40' x 10' with 4/12 roof pitch, Glu laminated posts, 1' overhangs all sides, double bubble 2' x 36' sidelite panel, (3) 10 x 8 insulated garage doors, (3) Liftmaster Lifetime warranty garage door openers, (1) window, (1) 9-lite entry door. We also handled the electrical, gutters, all site preparation and concrete work turn-key.

#4510 30' x 50' x 10', 4/12, Overhang/Soffitts all the way around, Double Bubble,

(8) 3' x 8' Skylites, 2' x 50' SunSky panel under rear eave, all site prep & concrete work, gutters and snowguards, (5) 8' x 8' insulated garage doors with openers on (2), full electrical package.

#7511 24 x 24 x 10 with 4/12 roof pitch, 1' eaves, double bubble, 4 x 6 treated posts, (1) 10 x 10 split slider, site prep, concrete floor and apron. "Great job. Fast and friendly service. I love my new garage" Guy Serman

#4210 This one is a 24' x 24' x 8' with 4/12 roof pitch, 12" overhang/soffits on the eaves only, Double Bubble insulation under the roof, (1) 10' x 7' insulated garage door with Stockton style windows, (4) 3' x 4' windows, walk in door, all site prep & concrete work. Brite White with Slate Blue. This is a very affordable sized Pole Building.

#4610 Here you will find a 40 x 48 x 10 with 6/12 Attic Trusses, 11' x 48 Open Lean-To. We used Glu Lam Posts, 1ft overhang/soffits all the way around, double bubble insulation under roof, 36" Cupola with weathervane, (3) 10 x 8 Insulated overhead garage doors with (1) LiftMaster Lifetime warranty Opener, (8) 3x4 windows with screens & grids. (1) 9-lite entry door. We provided all concrete work for interior and exterior of building. The customer chose Pewter Gray roofing, wainscoting and corners on Bone White Siding. The owner is an estimator for a very large commerical construction company. After looking at all the other pole building companies in the area he chose The Amish Tradesmen to have the best quality and construction around! His brother just built with us this summer too! What a good looking addition to this beautiful farm.

#4710 Here we have a 30' x 36' x 10' with 4/12 roof pitch, 12" overhang/soffits on the eaves only, (3) 9' x 8' insulated garage doors, (2) windows w/ shutters, (1) 9-lite walk in door. Customer chose Clay siding and Burgandy roofing, corners and garage door opening trim. The Amish Tradesmen took care of the site preparation, all the concrete work as well as gave this building a complete electrical package. Give us a call at 302-349-5550 today for a price on this and other buildings as shown.

#5010 This 32' x 56' x 12' Pole Building is the perfect size for this lovely farm near St. Michaels, MD. From site preparation to concrete work and garage doors, The Amish Tradesmen takes care of it all!

"We couldn't be more pleased. The work is excellent & the project was finished promptly, as promised. The men were not only incredibly competent, but a joy to work with. I enthusiastically recommend The Amish Tradesmen. Will hire them again in a heartbeat if the need arises" Dana & Randy Fairbank

# Model 30' x 40' x 10' with 3' x 18' overhang over 18' x 8' Carriage Style, insulated overhead door. Our Show Building features (10) windows, (2) 9-lite walk in doors, Glu Lam posts, Double Bubble Insulation under roof, 36" Cupula, 12" overhang/soffits all other sides. Smooth interior concrete floor using poly moisture barrier, 3500 psi with Fiber Mesh concrete at 4" thick (always standard in all our buildings). We also placed broom finished concrete aprons all the way around with a 10' patio area on the rear gable side for entertaining. Use the 15' x 30' finished room as a football, personal gym, hobby, spare bedroom, library room or home office!

Everything we build is custom to your wish list.

#2909 40' x 60' x 16' with 4/12, (3) 10' x 10' Carriage style garage doors, vinyl siding, 2' x 60' Sidelite panel. There is also (1) 24' x 14' commercial garage door on the rear gable end for large equipment. The Amish Tradesmen took care of everything from site preparation to concrete floors and aprons.

#4810 30' x 40' x 12' with 4/12 roof pitch, (1) 10' x 10' and (2) 9' x 8' insulated garage doors, 10' x 30' Open Lean-to, (4) windows, (1) 9-lite Entry Door, Double Bubble insulation under the roof, (1) 36" cupula. Site preparation and concrete work also by The Amish Tradesmen. Referral from #0708!

#5210 This 30' x 40' x 12' with (3) 10 x 10' 9" with Sunburst windows, (1) 14' x 9' garage door on the eave side makes the perfect workshop for a home mechanic. It has dutch corners on the garage door openings, 12" overhangs, (4) windows, gutters and downspouts, and we use Glu Lam posts for lasting strength. We also took care of the site preparation and all concrete work.

#5510 30 x 50 x 10 with 4/12 roof pitch, Double bubble insulation under roof, gutters and downspouts, 12" overhang/soffits all the way around, Glu Lam posts, 2x50 sidelite, 18' x 8'9" insulated garage door w/ LiftMaster Lifetime opener, (1) Solid entry door, (2) windows, site prep, concrete floor and apron."We are very pleased with the work that was done by The Amish Tradesmen. It was completed in a timely manner, very professional. Would definitely recommend and use atain if/when needed". The Sammons

#6511 This 16'/18' x 40' x 12' building is perfect for smaller sized lots. It features 6/12 roof pitch, Glu Lam posts, Double Bubble insulation under the roof, 1' soffits all sides, (1) 12' x 8' insulated garage door, (1) 9-lite walk-in door, all the site prep, smooth concrete floor, apron and sidewalk. Ash Gray & Charcoal. Great prices as usual!

#6811 24' x 28' x 10' w/ 6/12 Roof pitch, 1' overhang/soffits, double bubble, glu lams, (1) 12' x 8' insulated garage door, (1) 9-lite walk in door, (3) windows w/ shutters, wainscoting, cupula w/ weathervane, gutters & downspouts, electric package, all site preparation and concrete floors and aprons. Call 302-349-5550 for price!

"Great job! Well done, and we appreciate the honest, hard-working and dependable service. Thank you all

#6911 20' x 26' x 12' Personal Garage with 14' x 10' garage door, two windows and one 9-lite walk in door. All site preparation and concrete work included! Under $15,000! Referral from #6911! "We were very satisfied with the building of our garage. From the time we entered the office to obtain information we found Jamie to very personable and helpful & always able to keep in touch with if we had any questions. It was an enjoyable experience." Richard & Rose

#6611 This Agricultural building is a 40 x 60 x 14 with a 16 x 60 open-sided lean-to. It features (2) 18 x 12' garage doors on each gable end and (2) walk in doors. The Amish Tradesmen took care of it all including Site preparation & smooth concrete floors. "Am very satisfied with The Amish Tradesmen. Work was done on a timely schedule and done to satisfaction." The Givens family

2nd Photo below is our 40' x 25' extension the following year.  When adding onto your pole building, it can be accomplished very nicely by building onto the building from gable to gable.  This way you can increase the size of your building in future years according to your needs and budget.

#5410 This 40' x 60' x 12' Horse Barn with (8) 12' x 12' Stalls and (1) 12' x 24' Stall made a wonderful addition to this lovely horse farm in Bridgeville, DE. We included Glu Lam posts, 4/12 roof, double bubble insulation under the roofing, 12" overhang/soffits all the way around, (2) 12' x 12' split sliding doors, wainscoting, (10) 3' x 8' skylites (5 on each side over stalls), gutters, downspouts & splashguards. We also prepared the site, and installed a 16' x 60' concrete center aisle with drains for wash downs. See next (2) photos of interior stall work:

We finished the interior of this horse barn with smooth tongue & groove southern yellow pine. Bottom posts are treated. The top black powder coated grills and sliding stall doors complete the project. #5410

The horses are all ready for their new digs! #5410

Alpaca Barns!

We welcome you to visit Morning Star Alpaca Farm located at the same address as The Amish Tradesmen office. Bring the kids!  To learn more about Alpacas and the possibility of starting a farm operation in the Alpaca industry, visit or call us at 302-349-5550.  Explore for yourself all the benefits of Alpaca ownership.

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"All I can say is "outstanding" Working with Jamie was 1st rate, she always remained within her quotes, and she did her work in an efficient and timely manor, with quality craftsmanship! I have had 2 jobs done by her and have recommended her to all my friends and will continue to do so in the future!" Jim

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