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29 Gauge, 40 year Valspar WeatherX paint process
ABM Painted
ABM is a premium panel made from corrosion resistant, Galvanized steel. One of natures strongest materials, steel is quickly becoming a first choice for agricultural and residential roofing and siding applications due to its long term durability, low life cycle cost, excellent severe weather/hazard performance, and green building friendliness.
It is 38" wide and covers 36". With 3/4" high bell top major rib design spaced every 9" on center with 2 smaller ribs between the major ribs that are larger than competitor's panel. This panel is stronger and shows fewer waves known as oil canning on the flat of the panel.
* Full hard grade E steel is used. Then the following is applied to both sides:
* Galvanized coating is applied on both the sides a total of 1 oz/sq.ft.
* In the painting process, a zinc phosphate pre-treatment is applied that makes the panel more corrosion resistant and a better paint adhesion.
* A seal coat is applied over the zinc phosphate which is another important step.
* Then a primer for even more corrosion resistance and better paint adhesion.
* Finish Coat: Finally, a Valspar, WeatherX tough finish coat is applied. WeatherX is a breakthrough in siliconized polyester technology which is a better, more durable, harder paint. Better chalk and fade resistant than other paints on the market. WeatherX is a trade mark of Valspar.
Our panels are available in 21 nice colors. Most of the WeatherX colors are solar reflective, cool roof and energy star rated.
In addition to being more attractive, ABM panel is stronger, and can withstand more rigid weather conditions such as wind, snow, and acid rain. It is very light in weight. ABM panel is an exposed fastener system used for pole barns, agriculture, metal roofing and siding. ABM panel can also be used for commercial, residential, architectural and industrial buildings.
All these benefits derived from a 100% recyclable product that offers a practical life of more than double many traditional roofing materials makes ABM panel an astute choice.
We offer a large selection of trim to make your project more attractive and complete. We also offer custom trim, made to your special requirements in all the colors.
This Color Chart is not the most accurate. Please visit our office for actual metal paint color samples at our office to get a truer feel of the colors.